From Azathoth to Zann: Scare Kids to Sleep With Free Mythos ABC Book

Courtesy Mythos ABC

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft, newcomers to the horror writer’s work or anyone who likes the idea of slightly tormenting children, Mythos ABC- A Lovecraftian Alphabet Book is now available as a free, downloadable PDF.

Danish writer Mads Brynnum got the original illustrated book crowdfunded on Indiegogo last year, collaborating with several artists and Lovecraftian experts to develop it. Brynnum told Vox he decided to make it free to the public recently “just to get it out there.”


“His mythos are strange, nightmarish, dreamy, a bit scary, and very fantastic and so is this book,” Brynumm wrote on Mythos ABC’s website.

Mythos ABC

Mythos ABC goes through a large list of Lovecraft’s mythical creatures, from the famous Cthulhu to more obscure creatures like “The Cats of Ulthar.” According to Vox, the book even alludes to some of the wider mythos that came before and after Lovecraft, from writers like Ambrose Bierce and Robert W. Chambers. All of them are described in deliciously devilish detail through poetic verse.

Mythos ABC

Download the entire PDF here. If it’s not enough mythical torment for you or your kids, Brynnum also made a Cthulhu board game called Madness at Midnight, where players act as cultists trying to summon Lovecraftian gods. Sounds like a easygoing Sunday night to me.



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