Illustration for article titled From A to Zzzaxx: an alphabet of Marvels unfortunate supervillains

Not every bad guy can be a Magneto. No, comics need guys like Unus the Untouchable to make the A-listers that much more menacing. Kyle Starks has paid homage to Marveldom's greatest losers with his "ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy."

Says Starks about this project:

All these lame-os are property of Marvel Comics, which is owned by Disney. Which is owned by the frozen head of Walt Disney.

All bad drawing, bad anatomy and bad poetry mine.

There's a lot to love here, but my favorites are Iron Monger (for the sheer bluntness) and Random (for the sheer veracity).


[Kyle Starks' Flickr via Comics Alliance]

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