This week Lost's Ben must atone for being the world's most compulsively watchable villain, while Fringe finally comes back. Also, it's the season finale of T:SCC, and Macaulay Culkin makes his Kings debut. Clips/spoilers ahead...


Chuck -
The dreamy Scott Bakula dons a floppy hair-don't as Chuck's washed out drunkard Pop. Together, Chuck and his blonde girlfriend convince Pops to dry out long enough to join the family wedding. But all that work goes to hell when Chevy Chase pops in as a lunatic CEO with a dark and twisted past that links directly back to Bakula. Chuck is on NBC at 8 PM.


Chuck Promo:

Chuck Clip:

Heroes -
After last week's not-terrible episode, this week's has a lot to live up to, especially since it's all about Angela. This week, we get answers to Angela's past. Meanwhile, Noah continues to have marital troubles, and Sylar continues his buddy cop journey with Danko. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.


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Possibly the creepiest, and most overlooked, movie ever — Disney's The Black Hole — is on TCM tonight at 5:45 PM. A crew discovers a spaceship on the edge of a black hole with a nasty secret and a mad Captain.



Fringe -
J.J. Abrams' Scooby Gang is back, with a pale feral child who makes Walter dance. But how does this silent child relate to a creepy serial killer who's been leaving his/her victims splayed out in public squares for all to see? Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.


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Reaper -
It's a Reaper road trip, where Sock tries to sleep with his stepsister, and Sam almost gets eaten by a giant snake creature. You know: same old, same old. Reaper it on the CW at 8 PM.


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Cupid -
Trevor continues on with his Cupid shtick, with Claire's friend Riley. And we all learn an important lesson about love, or something. Cupid is on ABC at 10 PM.



Better Off Ted -
A glitch in the company's sensor system causes Ted to have to battle the execs' cost-cutting ways yet again. But who cares about him? Phil and Lem are back! Better Off Ted is on ABC at 8:30 PM.

Lost -
The horribly misunderstood Ben must atone for all his bad deeds, by coming face to face with the smoke monster. Will we ever find out what it is? Who knows, but Smokey is still my favorite character on the island. Lost is on ABC at 9 PM.


Lost Promo:

UFO Hunters -
Cuba and Florida teem with underwater alien bases — just ask the UFO Hunters, on the History Channel at 10 PM.


Catch up on your Kings from 11 PM until 3 AM with a mini marathon, over at the Syfy Channel.


No new Smallville.

No new Supernatural.


Aliens are disguised as creepy little infants in this 90s remake of the classic 1960 film, Village of the Damned. That's at 2 AM on Cinemax.



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -
It's a face-to-metal-face confrontation. Weaver finally gets the business meeting of a lifetime, tonight in the season finale. That's on Fox at 8 PM.

TSCC Promo


Dollhouse -
The House team figures out that an intelligence leak is coming from inside the house! So the only thing to do is turn Sierra and Echo into super-secret spies and set them loose inside their own abode. Dollhouse is on Fox at 9 PM.

Dollhouse Promo:

Prepare to suspend your disbelief indefinitely for both parts of a movie about a massive 10.5 scale earthquake that threatens to turn the US into some version of hell, only with sushi. Apocalypse parts 1 and 2 is on USA at 10 AM.


Another good double feature is The Fly and The Fly 2, over at AMC at 2:14 AM and 4:15 AM. I'm actually more interested in seeing Fly 2 as it's all about the unfortunate fly scientist's spawn being a teen and dealing with his raging insect instincts.


There's a classic SyFy channel low-budget werewolf movie — this time with a military slant because they're using werewolves as soldiers. War Wolves is on at 11 PM.


Another terrible Syfy Original, Monster Ark, alleges that before Noah built THE arc, he built another one for monsters — and one got loose and he hid it in a box in Iraq, and they find it in this movie. So that's what happened to the unicorns, check it out at 5 PM.


Kings -
Macaulay Culkin is finally making his grand Kings debut, and I cannot wait. He's so perfect for the evil cast-out son, it's going to be tremendous. Kings is on NBC at 8 PM.



The worst Kevin Costner movie of them all, Waterworld, will come jet skiing your way on Encore at 8 PM.