Tonight sees a brand new episode of Fringe, in which many of our questions will probably be answered. But there's one question that Fringe won't be tackling, tonight or any other time: What happened to Lincoln Lee after he went to live in the other universe at the end of season four?

We spoke to Seth Gabel, who played Lincoln, and he gave us his theories about what's happening with Lincoln now. He also told us a lot about Count Vertigo, the supervillain he's playing on The CW's Arrow. Minor spoilers ahead...


We were lucky enough to talk on the phone with Gabel, as part of the interviews he's doing to support his new film Allegiance, a movie made by a military veteran that mostly stars veterans, which is available on VOD right now. Here's what Gabel told us:

On what Lincoln Lee is probably doing now:

I think he's blissfully making babies with the other Olivia in the other universe. That's what I would do. They're definitely in the Fringe unit on the Other Side, so tragedy could strike. But they're both pretty skilled, and I think the two of them complete each other in such a way that only makes them strong. So I think they're pretty badass over there.


On how DC Comics' Count Vertigo was changed for his appearance on Arrow in January:

I think they did a nice dark adaptation of the Count Vertigo character. They've taken his superpowers [of vertigo and disorientation] and manifested that in a drug called Vertigo. Which I kind of push on the citizens of Starling City and acquire great power and wealth. And ultimately that affects the Arrow character of the Hood, and he eventually comes and hunts me down. I welcome that challenge, because I really want to prove myself to be the most powerful entity in Starling City. So we've got a big battle on our hands. ...


I have essentially like an army of street thugs behind me. So I kind of rule them like some kind of European monarch [and] have them do my bidding. So the Arrow has to get through all of those guys in order to get to me. And by then, I'm hoping he's pretty tired out before we have our showdown.

Why would anybody want to buy a drug that gives them a case of vertigo?

Well, it's a controlled case of vertigo, as I call it. It makes you feel like you're walking on air. It kind of gives you this euphoria. That's when the drug's taken orally. If you were to inject the drug into your system, it's different for everyone, what the effects could be. So that's what makes it a real menacing threat to Starling City.


The fun of playing a supervillain
It's the most fun I've ever had playing a part. Usually I play characters that I have to be grounded in reality, and I have to be realistic. And with this, I felt free to be over the top. And I was able to trust that the circumstances of the show would keep it grounded in something real. So I really had fun, and really took risks that I've never taken with character before, and got to express sides of myself that I've never really gotten on film before... [The Count is] very playful. I'm hoping there's some memorable moments.

On his outfit and accessories
There's a lot of black. And I wore these fingerless gloves that I think are really cool. I got very particular about the type of gun that I wanted the character to have. I was trying to figure out what the most intimidating way to hold a gun is, so I tried all these firm scary ways of holding it. But then I realized the more the character is loose with the gun, and the more it's just kind of this reckless extension of himself, and he doesn't even have to think about it, I realized that's the scariest thing about it. So as a king of the street, I just wanted him to have this thing around. But he could drop it at any second, or he could use it to kill you at any second.

Will the Count be recurring?

It's definitely possible. That was definitely part of the initial discussions of the character. And it'll just depend on the logistics of the show, and their schedule, and what they have planned for the season.


Does he get any scenes with John Barrowman?

I don't think I should say. [Laughs]

Seth Gabels' new film Allegiance is on VOD on December 6th and in theaters in NY on December 28, 2012 and LA on January 4, 2013.