TV Guide has the first look at Seth Gabel — who played both Lincoln Lee and Lincoln Lee so memorably on Fringe (parallel universes, bitches!) — as the DC villain Count Vertigo in Arrow, who distributes a drug called Vertigo and... uh... dresses like a '90s vampire. Seriously, I thought he was in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP for a second. At any rate, Arrow is strangely good, and Seth Gabel is good, so I fully expect the eventual Count Vertigo Arrow episode to be good when it airs on January 30, even if Gabel looks like he's going to break into a cover of "White Wedding" at any given moment.

Bonus: Here's a very silly pic of Gabel being very surprised to find Arrow invading his personal space. Possible caption: "I sincerely hope that's an arrow in your pocket."


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