"Fringe" Writers Explain Next Season's Multiverse

Fringe writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and showrunner Jeff Pinkner, revealed something crucial about how the creative team thinks about the multiverse in this increasingly twisty, weird science show co-created by JJ Abrams.

The writing team, working with JJ Abrams, has mapped out the entire arc of season 2. One of the lingering issues at the end of season 1 was exactly how many parallel universes there are out there - especially now that characters have started seeing them and moving between them. So does Fringe exist in a DC universe-style "infinite Earths"?


Apparently not. I asked the team whether they talk about "Earth Prime," "Earth 2," "Earth 3," etc. in the writing room, or whether they have any other terminology. Pinkner said no, they only talk about "our reality and alternate reality." So there you have it: There are only two worlds. Ours and the alternate one. So don't worry about a crisis on infinite Peters. Or a giant army of Walters from 1000 different worlds. There are only two.

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But how many are there on the alternate reality?