Fringe: The Musical?

Will Fringe's musical episode be called "Once More, On LSD?" No, apparently it'll be called "Overture." And you'll never guess who's serenading Olivia. Spoilers ahead.

I keep thinking this must be an April Fools thing, but it's still March. Anyway, Lance Reddick explains:

Oh, it's gonna be a blast. It's basically Walter telling a bedtime story to Olivia's niece and so it has these extreme versions of [the cast].


Reddick, who is a professional singer in his spare time, plays the piano in the episode and takes on a Traffic tune. Astrid does a song from A Chorus Line. Olivia vamps it up as a singing private eye. And as for who sings to Olivia? It's Nina Sharp, the cyborg COO of Massive Dynamic. The musical episode airs April 29 and we can't wait. [TV Guide Magazine]

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