Fringe-Style Floating Letters Invade Watchmen!

Illustration for article titled Fringe-Style Floating Letters Invade Watchmen!

A new Watchmen poster shows that noplace is safe from the Fringe-inspired fad for floating letters. Click to enlarge. [Yahoo Movies]


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The fringe style letters suck me right out of the story and remind me that I'm watching a tv show.

For this type of show you have to sell the suspension of disbelief to the watcher and keep them in the environment. But the second that huge titles appear announcing the location pop up, as if in actual physical space, I leave the story and see a stupid gimmick instead of what the show wants me to see.

Drop the gimmick and just put some simple white lettering across the bottom of the screen. Don't make a pretend environment even more pretend than it has to be.