Fringe Spoilers 06/02

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More people have seen the pilot for J.J. Abrams' new FBI/weird science show Fringe, which airs on Fox this fall. And here are a few new details:

In case you've been wondering why the FBI need to keep Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) around after he helps bust his mad-scientist dad Walter out of the mental institution, apparently it's because the son "speaks Walter" and can interpret his dad's demented science-speak for Olivia (Anna Torv).

Olivia's boss Broyles (Lance Reddick) and Peter Bishop both keep calling Olivia "sweetheart," "baby" and other deprecating endearments. There's something evil in a self-storage unit, which drags Olivia personally into the mystery. (I'm guessing this is the part where her boyfriend/colleague gets hit with the skin-melting virus.) There's also a creepy hairless mammal.

And someone (probably Walter) says "after human subjects, cows are the best. Unless you need milk." [E! Online]


Also, the first 90 seconds are really gruesome, with people's faces turning to snot on that doomed airplane flight. The "captain's jaw pretty much drips off his face." Flight 627 lands at Boston's Logan Airport with every passenger dead on arrival. We learn that mad scientist Walter Bishop's crazy Harvard lab has been left completely untouched for seventeen years, proving that Harvard has way too much lab space to spare.

Some of the best moments in the pilot involve Blair Brown as evil corporate psycho Nina Sharp, who's a big believer in robotics.In one scene, her flunky wheels in a corpse on a gurney. She asks how long the guy has been dead. "Five hours," the intern replies. "Question him," she orders. [Wired]

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Airlines need to add:

Turn off all wireless devices, and DO NOT OPEN THE ARC OF THE COVENANT AT THIS TIME...

no more jaw melting.