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The Fringe season finale took us back to the slightly alternate universe - but this time it wasn't just the characters and Earth's history that were different. Meet Red Lantern and Red Arrow, two flagship heroes of Earth-2's DC Universe.


The above image, taken from a mock Red Lantern/Red Arrow cover recently released by DC, was featured on last night's Fringe finale along with a bunch of other alternate covers. So why the different color schemes for two of DC's biggest heroes? Perhaps an Earth-2 editor took a look at Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott back in the forties and decided that his costume's predominant color really was red. It is pretty much a 50/50 split between the two colors, after all.

This is, of course, about ten shades of awesome, although the uber-geek in me sorta wishes Fringe had taken this opportunity to give Tangent Comics some much-deserved mass exposure.* Come on, it's the comic series that's actually made to look like it's published in an alternate universe!


The DC Comics blog The Source will soon have a complete list of all the alternate DC covers that appeared on Fringe.

*Tangent Comics may not actually deserve mass exposure.

[The Source via Comics Alliance]

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