Fringe Is All About Drugs and Chainsaws

Last night was the last episode of mad science melodrama Fringe until January, and we're going to miss all those gory human experiments and underground, drug-taking researchers. I skipped Fringing out last week, so here's the only clip you need to see from that episode: Walter explaining what is best in life to Olivia. Last night brought some awesome Walter one-liners too. Spoilers ahead!

In "Safe," we got back to our over-arching plot related to Mr. Jones, the "para-terrorist" who "deals in scientific progress." He's been in a German prison, using his weird English accent to terrify people, and last night he managed to get out with the help of a conspirator in Olivia's office. Conspirator guy not only has a device that lets people walk through walls - and become the most awesome bank robbers ever - but he's managed to steal the parts of a teleportation (and possibly time-travel) device that Walter made back in the 1970s.


Ah, the 1970s - origin of all fringey science and science fiction. Speaking of which, the other big plot development in last night's episode is that Olivia has fully integrated dead ex-BF John Scott's memories into her own and can't tell his memories apart from hers. So she's flashing back to stuff she never did. Meanwhile, Massive Dynamic exec Nina Sharp has John in a preservation tank all hooked up to her dead brain-reading equipment. But the memories she needs from his brain have been transferred to Olivia!

And conspirator guy has set up the teleportation device to transfer Jones out to Boston! Love the crazy scene where he sets up the decidedly-70s tech (including some kind of plastic inner tube and what look like old polaroids) and Jones appears in a giant flash of light. Wearing a nice suit, of course.

Thankfully, as you can see in this clip, Walter has his chainsaw. And now that the scientific progress terrorists are back in full force, I think the action will get even crazier. Plus, Peter is stepping up his game as a science outlaw himself. I really think Fringe is singlehandedly reinventing the subversive science outlaw genre.


lots of touching and sincere Walter and Peter moments in this ep. Awww!

And yes Ill need an electric saw. It needs to be able to cut through a body - flesh... bone... its more sinuous that you would imagine.

No need to call the police.