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Is actor Kirk Acevedo not as fired from Fox's Fringe as he thought (and Facebook-statused)? The show's executive producer is denying the firing, and saying that more Charlie is in our future.


Jeff Pinker, one of Fringe's executive producers, told TV Guide Magazine,

[L]ike all things on Fringe, there is more to this story than meets the eye... [Acevedo] was not fired.

An attempt to parse language, or something else? After all, Pinker went on to tell the magazine that we'll see more Charlie in the future, hinting that he means that literally:

We have already seen two of him on the show... We have already met the second Charlie. He had a scar on his face.


Does this mean that Acevedo was mistaken, playing a weird prank, or that he's been unfired? Both Fox and Fringe's studio Warner Bros were not offering any comment on the story yesterday, but we're trying to work out how the show could give us other Charlies without Acevado's involvement (Maybe all the alternate Charlies spontaneously reincarnate, like Doctor Who?).

Fringe's Kirk Acevedo "Was Not Fired" [TV Guide Magazine]


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