Thanks to some missing tax breaks, the cast and crew of Fox's Fringe are moving to TV's favorite cheap backlot, Vancouver, for its second season. But is Canada really ready for Walter Bishop?

The move comes following the show's original move from Canada to New York at the start of this season, to take advantage of incentives to help attract television and movie productions... only to find that they'd applied too late to qualify, hence the move to Vancouver for next season. Stuart Suna, the president of Fringe's current studio, Long Island's Silvercup, sees the irony of the situation:

The funny thing is that the show's set in Boston, and Massachusetts has a tax credit. But the exchange rate has gotten better for shows shot in Canada.


Fringe's second season hasn't been officially announced yet, but considering the show is one of the few breakout hits of the year, it's only a matter of time.

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