Frieza Is One Angry Academy Award Statue In New DBZ Movie Trailer

The first trailer for the newest Dragonball Z movie, Fukkatsu no F(or "F Is for Resurrection"), is here, and not only has Goku's old foe Frieza arrived on Earth, but he appears to have a new transformation in store for the Super Saiyan. A shiny transformation.


I'm not sure how I feel about Frieza's new gold and purple color scheme, but I do like the idea of a DBZ battle royale with hundreds of Frieza's minions, as well the fact that Earth seemingly explodes. (That's never happened on DBZ before.) But my favorite bit may be the end, where it appears that Vegeta may go go back — willingly or unwillingly — to working for his old boss. The movie debuts in Japan on April 18th, so we don't have that long to wait to find out.

[Via Crunchyroll]

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Side note: Why exactly did Gohan go from being on track to be more powerful than ANYONE to being a teenage dofus with mediocre skills? Everything was setting him up to surpass goku. First to SS2, dad always talking about how he was more powerful, etc... And then he turns into a bitch in his teenage years. And is worthless in GT. That was really odd to me.