Friends Are Foes in This First Look at the Final Issue of Valiant's Faith Miniseries

Valiant’s excellent miniseries about its lovable fangirl/psionic flying superhero Faith Herbert is nearly at its end—but there’s some good news on that front. First though, lets take an exclusive sneak peek at the trials and tribulations she’ll have to face in in Faith #4!


It’s been a crazy ride for Faith in her new life balancing superheroics with a career in pop culture blogging—she’s been the target of assassins and had her secret identity exposed to her colleagues, and her former boyfriend Torque has been captured by a crazy cult looking to take over the world. But now as she teams up with Archer to save the day, things aren’t looking too good for Faith.

Check out a preview of the fourth issue below, including a recap page to clue you in to the story so far, as well as some variant covers for this final issue:

Variant cover art by Stephanie Hans
Variant cover art by Dan Parent
Variant cover art by Clayton Henry

And yes, about that good news—while Faith the miniseries is ending, Faith’s adventures will continue in her first-ever ongoing series beginning July 20th! Jody Houser and Marguerite Sauvage will return for the new book, but Pere Perez will provide art in the place of Francis Portela. All four issues of the miniseries will be collected in a trade paperback release in the same month, so you can catch up before the series begins.

In the mean time, Faith #4 hits shelves April 27th.


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