Friday the 13th gets a total reboot for 2015

Illustration for article titled emFriday the 13th/em gets a total reboot for 2015

Jason Voorhees and his pack of slutty teenagers are returning to the big screen! A recent studio switcheroo saw Paramount trading some of the rights to Chris Nolan's Interstellar to Warner Bros. in exchange for the Friday the 13th franchise (and a few other things like South Park). And now, Paramount wants to reboot the whole kit and caboodle.


According to Exhibitor Relations twitter account the new movie is scheduled for a 2015 release (on a Friday the 13th no less).


Unfortunately, this new premise is supposedly "found footage"-based which, woof. Oh well at least we're getting Jason back from space.

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If every 5 years we simply reboot everything, we will never have to make anything new ever again. Yayyyy!