Free the Oceanic 6!

You've got a pile of mangoes and a clean-shaven Future Jack mixing up his breakfast screwdriver: Welcome to Lost, season 4. Despite my whiny complaints and misgivings about the last season, I'm officially completely hooked again. Minor spoilers and recappage ahead.

The episode was a fabulous, Hurley-centric return to form. There was a minimum of soap opera; I only gagged a little when Claire, Sun, and Rose sat around congratulating each other's men and teasing about the superiority of giving birth in hospitals. The opening car chase/crash sequence revealed that Hurley is one of "the Oceanic 6" who have made it back to civilization, presumably along with Jack and Kate and three yet-to-be-identified others (though you can never, ever take anything for granted with this show). Flash-forwards show that Future Hurley is having just as much trouble with life off the island as Future Jack.

Meanwhile, back in 2004, Desmond returns from the Looking Glass with the news that it's Not Penny's Boat. Jack's too invested in being a Fearless Leader of Men to listen, and the survivors split into two groups: those who want to leave follow Jack, and those who want to stay go to the barracks with Locke.


And yes, there are the inevitable questions. Who are the people who, according to Charlie, need Hugo? Who was the man who visited Hurley in the hospital? If Hurley wanted to stay on the island with Locke, why is he back in L.A. with Jack? Where's Walt? Was that Jacob? When did Sawyer get so sensitive? What happened to make Future Jack change his mind about going back to the island? In summation, storylines were advanced, helicopters arrived, new questions were raised, and Charlie came back from the dead with a cute new haircut. I can hardly wait for next week.

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Ed Grabianowski

Does this mean there will be a weekly Lost thread here? Yay!

-Jacob's cabin = time loop? Notice the lantern was whole again. Also, check the photo (painting?) of Vincent on the wall. Hm.

-Matthew Abaddon. So Biblical. Rumor has it he is the smoke monster.

-Anyone who played the find815 game through to its conclusion knows now that they found a real Oceanic plane at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Which means either we're dealing with alternate timestreams/realities, or someone went to tremendous expense to plant a fake plane crash. At that someone is probably Penny's dad.

-Ok, I'm going to go decipher the whispering Hurley heard at the cabin. Yeah, I'm way into this stuff. :-) Love trying to solve the mysteries.