Over a century from now, humanity lives at peace and is colonizing Venus and mining Mars. They invent a bulky race of blue workers called neosapiens, which are specially engineered to thrive in the harsh conditions offworld. But then the neosapiens rise up against their human masters, crushing everything in their paths! Only the Exosquad with their Exoframe mecha outfits in the Exofleet can possibly stop the neosapiens! Luckily they do, and that's where the awesome anime-influenced, mid-1990s US cartoon series Exosquad begins — in the aftermath of the neosapien uprising. Now that the first season is available for free on Hulu, you should check out this nearly-forgotten cult hit for yourself.

Humans may have crushed the neosapien rebellion, but many of the bioengineered slaves continue to foment insurrection on the planets they were bred to live on. Meanwhile, the exosquad team, part of an elite military unit, works on keeping humans safe from all threats, neosapien and otherwise. Obviously influenced by popular anime import Robotech, Exosquad is surprisingly engaging and well-written, with characters who confront the darkness of war and death — as well as the coolness of giant robot suits.


Today's lunchtime distraction is definitely the free first season of Exosquad on Hulu. Watch it. (Thanks, Dan!)