Freddy Krueger's Visiting for Halloween, But Not The Way You Might Expect

Freddy’s always ready for Halloween.
Image: New Line Cinema

And it’s all thanks to the classic tradition of the sitcom Halloween episode.

The sitcom in question is The Goldbergs, a take on a family in 1980s Philadelphia presented through the viewpoint of their youngest child, Adam (Sean Glambrone). And this Halloween, the Goldberg family is getting a pretty spooky visitor in the form of Freddy Krueger, played by Robert Englund himself.


This isn’t exactly a Nightmare on Elm Street revival, but for fans of ‘80s kitsch and Freddy’s dreamy looks, this might still be a treat. You can watch the goofy, playful little trailer for his appearance below. Freddy’s done weirder things, anyway.

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