Fred Savage Grills Ryan Reynolds on the Reason for a PG-13 Deadpool

Fred Savage and Deadpool, just hangin’ out.
Fred Savage and Deadpool, just hangin’ out.
Image: Fox

With Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox all but agreed upon, there have been a number of questions as to how the House of Mouse might go about incorporating all of Fox’s old Marvel IP into the larger cinematic universe—especially properties like Deadpool, which has found box office success by going for hard R-rated films. Once Upon a Deadpool’s new teaser delves into the “why?”

Though the answer’s kinda obvious, the latest Once Upon a Deadpool trailer spells it out fairly succinctly with a rapid-fire exchange between a held-hostage Fred Savage and one Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). Why is Deadpool 2 being released with a different title and a gentler rating? Well, 1) money; 2) Disney’s a family company, people, get it together.

Whether this means that future Deadpool movies released under the Marvel Studios branding will similarly skew a little younger and less-bawdy will likely depend on how well Once Upon a Deadpool performs when it hits theaters December 12.


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librarian-ish hero

So remember, if you want your Deadpool movies to stay R rated don’t give Disney your money for giving you a watered down version of a movie you have already watched, and probably own a copy of.