Freak Wind in Utah Destroys Only One Building

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Among the weirdest stories of 2008, according to the weirdos at The Heavy Stuff, is this tale of a how a freak wind ripped the roof off one house on a crowded city block.


The best part of the TV coverage of this bizarre event, which took place in July, is that the landlord of the affected building claims that "everything went black" right before the wind hit. Was this a job for those cute brothers from Supernatural?

You can see video via the link to KSL below, and visit The Heavy Stuff for more of the weirdest stories from 2008, including mysterious holes dug in a Russian forest and an unseen thief who managed to strip an entire olive grove of every single olive in one night - without anybody hearing it.


KSL via The Heavy Stuff

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Hey is anyone remind of the episode of The Simpson when Flanders house was the only one ruined by the tornado?

Note to self: if you rip off your roof, the cute brothers from Supernatural will come. Got it.