Visitors to a beach in Novosibirsk, Russia, were forced to run for cover when a sudden temperature drop from 105° to 71° F (41° to 22° C) caused a severe hail storm, dropping ice pellets the size of golf balls.

Be sure to watch the three-minute video from start to finish as the storm gets progressively worse. What started off as a little bit of rain escalated quickly into a full-blown hail storm. People can be seen screaming and running for cover of beach umbrellas, while some chose to stay in the water. One guy can be seen taking cover under a beach towel. About two-minutes into the video a girl can be heard saying, "If we're going to die, I love you."


Hail stones can be seen rolling on the teach, while debris from nearby trees get blown into the sky. It's absolute bedlam as the panicked sunbathers simply try to figure out what to do.

It's hard to tell from the video of anyone was seriously injured, but local media reported that the storm caused the deaths of two three-year-old twins when a tree collapses on their tent.

[ h/t Telegraph ]

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