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While Will Smith's Hancock may have failed to kill the superhero trend in movies this summer, we think we've identified the actor who stands the most chance of being the unwelcome nail in this genre coffin - Seth Rogen. It's not enough for him to be writing and starring in the upcoming Green Hornet movie. Now he's being prepped to appear in a future Kevin Smith scifi superhero movie. When will the madness end?According to Smith, his superhero project is still two movies away, following the Rogen-starring Zach and Miri Make A Porno and a horror movie called Red State. Calling the superhero project - which will be an entirely new concept, as opposed to an adaptation of an existing comic book - a " visual-effects extravaganza," Smith then demonstrated a belief in a particularly cruel higher power:

It's stewing right now. I want to do it, though, and, God willing, it will star Seth Rogen.


Of course, this is the man who really wanted to do Daredevil: Target and couldn't manage to get past the first issue, so there's every possibility that the movie will never get made. Rogen Wanted As Superhero [SciFi Wire]

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