Frankenstein Man Love

A debate about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein broke out in the comments on a post about how Guillermo del Toro is remaking Frankenstein. I claimed that this Kenneth Branagh joint was probably the last "great" Frankenstein flick — others disagreed. So I went back and watched it, and present to you as evidence of its greatness this scene from when Branagh has just awakened the monster (a very naked Robert De Niro, covered in lube). One of the things I'd forgotten about this movie was its steampunk look, which is actually kind of great if you can ignore shirtless Branagh's emoting. And then there's the lube. Giant tanks full of lube, all over naked De Niro and shirtless Branagh, struggling in a slippery homoerotic pile of WTF. I love the close-ups of Ne Niro's butt and back scars, then the way those chains hang so artfully when he dangles from the roof so that we don't see his monstery nether regions. It's leatherboy camp horror of the 1990s, confusingly made by straight guys. [Mary Shelley's Frankenstein via IMDB]


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