Frank Miller's Giving the Man of Steel Another New Origin Story in Superman: Year One

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Photo: Getty

Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One took the detective who made DC comics the powerhouse that it is today gave him one of the most character-defining origin stories in modern comics that’s gone on to color much of the way that we see Batman today. Now, Miller’s doing the same for Superman.


Announced during a DC masterclass workshop at Comic-Con, Superman: Year One will be illustrated by John Romita Jr. and delve into the earliest days of Clark Kent coming into his own as a superhero. In an interview with Vulture, Miller explained how Superman’s always been a part of DC’s larger mythos, and one that he’s always wanted to play around with; for him, Year One is the ideal opportunity to do so:

You know through, Dark Knight I got to touch just about the ones in the DC pantheon but I never had my real meaningful crack at Superman. In the case of DC Comics, which has by far and away the strongest and richest mythology, there are those three fundamental pillars they have of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. All of the other characters, they kind of string along underneath them, which is wonderful.


No announcements about Superman: Year One’s plot have been announced as of yet, but seeing Miller’s take on the Man of Steel will undoubtedly be verrry interesting.

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