The latest Spirit featurette shows off Frank Miller's idea of "modern noir" which apparently consists of men in hats, old timey cars and sexily dressed ladies. Yeah, basically Miller's erotic dream about Will Eisner's 1950s comic. Luckily, there's also a peek at some new Spirit butt-kicking as well.

What I find most interesting about this look is that The Spirit was predominately shot in green screen. So when the crew talk about detail they are literally talking about the hats and props. Sure taking the best parts of each decade and shoving them into one big alternate society is pretty cool, but what about a dash of color? Come on a little blue, maybe some pink? I'm sure they had different color hats back in the day.


But I digress. Another interesting aspect of this video is the slapstick fighting. Despite the extremely forced cesspool fighting scene I actually didn't mind gorgeous Gabriel Macht punching and swiping a purse from a thief all in one swoop. I know that this movie is supposed to be "wacky" so if they can keep the silly slapstick fluid like what I just saw, there may be hope for it yet. The Spirit opens on December 25.

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