Frank Miller reveals how his Batman would respond to Occupy Wall Street

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A while back, we were asking Batman writers how the Caped Crusader would respond to Occupy Wall Street, and we tried to reach Frank Miller, writer of Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and All-Star Batman and Robin.


We didn't hear back from Miller in time for our article's deadline, but now he's gotten back to us. Through his PR reps, Miller said:

Batman would respect the first amendment.

Then, after a couple days, Miller's PR reps wrote to us again and said Miller wanted to change his answer to:

Batman believes in the First Amendment and decorous behavior.

So there you have it... Batman would be okay with Occupy Wall Street, as long as it's "decorous." (Does "decorative" count?)

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He'd not take notice of it at all, until the Joker and his men infiltrated the protesters in order to create mayhem.

Dashing among them, looking panicked, we hear murmurs, "Doood, hide the bong". He smashes one of the henchmen in the face, ( nearby murmurs of "So not nonviolent... uber uncool man" ), only then noticing the Joker escaping, having kidnapped the rebellious daughter of a cigar-chewing investment fatcat who was there just to piss off her father because he wanted her to go to business school instead of being a popstar like she really wants.

We see a profile of Batman, jaw muscles clenching as he watches the Joker sweep a low bow from the back of a VTOL aircraft that was cleverly disguised as a Whole Foods delivery truck. The crowd begins to act erratically and Batman realizes the free couscous they've been handing out is laced with PCP. Unable to follow the Joker, he faces the deranged crowd who begin tearing off their clothes and attacking one another because in their chemical delerium everyone looks like the fatcat, a thinly-veiled yet legally acceptable rendering of Bernie Madoff.

In a dark corner we see a hidden and giggling henchmen with a video camera. The crowd turns on Batman who stands frozen, face contorted in anger and frustration, unable to harm the innocent yet monstrous crowd closing on him like zombies.