Frank Miller and Frank Frazetta set records for comic-book art auctions

In case you'd forgotten how mind-blowing the art of the late Frank Frazetta and Frank Miller is, an art-lover paid a record-breaking $101,575 for Miller's black-and-white cover image for Daredevil #188. Check out Frazetta's even more expensive art below.


This is Frazetta's artwork from Weird Science Fantasy #29, from 1955, which went for $380,000. Pretty amazing. According to the L.A. Times:

At the center of both sales was Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas. The Miller cover sold at the auction house's Signature Comics & Comic Art sale (which dropped the gavel on $3.5 million in sales). The Frazetta piece was bought outright by Jim Halperin, the co-founder of Heritage, and a collector devoted to the gruesome and grand legacy of EC, the comics company that gave the world Tales from the Crypt and showcased the talents of artists such as Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Al Williamson.

"Knowing I'm a huge Frazetta fan, and a rabid EC collector, Stephen Ferzoco and Rob Pistella, the agents for the family, approached me as soon as they asked them to sell this piece," Halperin said in a written statement. "I was thrilled to pay their asking price, which, although it set a new record by a wide margin, actually seemed quite fair for the ultimate EC cover ... Frazetta did a total of 42 comic-book covers, many of which are no longer thought to exist as original art, though WSF No. 29 is by far his most famous."

And apparently this cover started life as a Buck Rogers piece, but had to be changed when the original publisher didn't use it. [Los Angeles Times]

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