Frank Henelotter, the exploitation genius who brought you Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, and the Basket Case trilogy, is finally showing his new flick, Bad Biology, at film festivals. At the Philadelphia Film Festival, where Bad Biology premiered, Henenlotter told the audience that his goal was to make a movie that was "just wrong." Henenlotter fan Shepard Wong posted about the plot of this movie, which will lay to rest the question of what can come next after Brian Yuzna already brought you a zombie penis vs. zombie rat fight.


Wong, who saw the film at the Philly Film Festival and loved it, explains the plot thusly:

Jennifer is a photographer who was born with at least 7 clitorises. She is an insatiable nymphomaniac whose enthusiastic lovemaking often ends in the death of her partners. She lives a life devoid of any hope of happiness until she crosses paths with Batz.

Batz has a 24 inch, drug addicted penis with a mind of its own, literally. After Jennifer accidentally sees Batz monster phallus, she has a renewed hope that she may have finally found her one true love. Unfortunately, before the two can get together and live happily ever after, Batz penis detatches from his owner and goes out on a rampage around town, attacking every hot, naked girl it can find.


Praise be! Henenlotter is back, and he's more awesome than ever.

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