Actor Frank Grillo, a.k.a. Brock Rumlow, a.k.a. soon-t0-be comic book villain Crossbones, threw down some huge teases for his new look in the next Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War.

We’ve been so focused on sussing out the future drama that will be built between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark we forgot about the rest of the returning characters like Grillo’s Rumlow.


Last we saw of him, he was being pulled out of rubble after the climactic fight in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as seen here:

In Winter Soldier, Rumlow hadn’t made his full transformation into the villain Crossbones. However, perhaps he’s about to, judging from this mysterious tweet from an unknown set (although Civil War is reportedly already shooting).

Chances are the scars that Grillo is referencing pertain to the injuries he sustained at the climax of Captain America: Winter Soldier. And here’s an Instagram, also presumably from the Civil War set.

And finally, Grillo tweeted a picture of the comic book Crossbones, all but verifying the return of this character, and also possibly revealing some of the film’s dialogue.