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Francis Ford Coppola is really worried that making a whole bunch of Star Wars movies ruined George Lucas. Which leaves us wondering if we would trade more Star Wars for a lot of original Lucas content.


Speaking to Vanity Fair, Coppola said:

George [Lucas] is kind of a genius but I think it’s a pity he got so [absorbed in that one franchise]. I hope George isn’t offended, but the truth of the matter is that Star Wars cost us 10 new George Lucas films that would have been wonderful.


Would they have been wonderful, is our question. Would we have gotten more things like Indiana Jones? Or okay things like American Graffiti? Or would Lucas have just gotten to the crazy awful level of Strange Magic that much sooner?

And then we really go down the rabbit hole and have to admit that, even knowing that the prequels would be the inevitable result, we’d still happily take them all in exchange for guaranteeing the existence of the original Star Wars.

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