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Fragged by Your Granny

Illustration for article titled Fragged by Your Granny

Senior citizens are finding new addictions in their old age to replace knitting, drinking, and smoking. Dozens of homes for the elderly across the country now carry Wiis, and grandmas are hooked. Instead of gathering in their community's living rooms to watch Wheel of Fortune, they're lining up to get their shot at beating the CPU in Wii Bowling.


In 1999, under a tenth of American adults over the age of 50 played video games; in 2007, that ratio has reached nearly a quarter. Take this steady upward climb, factor in the fact that video games are getting better and more prolific by the minute, and we're almost sure to have a hard core gamer senior citizen majority by mid-century. Image by the Christian Science Monitor

To Nintendo's Surprise, Wii is Hot With Seniors [Christian Science Monitor]

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