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Fox's TV Bloodbath Claims Lucifer and The Exorcist

A scene from The Exorcist, which has been canceled.
A scene from The Exorcist, which has been canceled.
Image: Fox

No one is safe from 20th Century Fox’s culling—well, except Tim Allen apparently. In addition to fan favorites like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mick, the network has recently announced it’s canceling The Exorcist and Lucifer. So far, there’s no word on Gotham.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox has banished Lucifer back to hell after three seasons, the latest of which ended on a major cliffhanger specifically so the network wouldn’t be able to cancel it, at least according to showrunner Joe Henderson. He’s since said he’s hoping to pitch the show to other networks so show can continue its saga. Showrunner/writer Ildy Modrovich also had this to say:


While Lucifer did kind of drop off in the third (and now final) season, we continued to be big fans of The Exorcist, which io9 reviewer Cheryl Eddy called “the best horror show on TV.” That show’s been canceled after just two seasons, which is unfortunate as it was really beginning to hit its stride. In a statement on Twitter, showrunner Jeremy Slater (who’s working on Netflix’s upcoming Umbrella Academy) said he’s upset by the news but understands why Fox canceled the show due to low ratings.

We’re still waiting to see what happens with Gotham, which has continued to report low audience numbers. We’re not sure whether we crave or dread another season of the battiest show on television—perhaps it’s a little bit of both. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, Rest in Peace, dear shows. May you find eternal happiness on Amazon Prime.

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Eustache Dauger

Why do people even bother to pitch shows to Fox? All the networks have had their moments of confounding prickery (I know I’m still annoyed by what ABC did to Sledge Hammer! 30 years ago), but Fox is notorious for cancelling first and thinking never.