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Simon Kinberg, who has produced X-Men: First Class, Elysium and is now on X-Men: Days of Future Past, is staying at Fox to set up the Fantastic Four franchise and set-up Fox's version of the Marvel movie-verse. This is good news.


THR is reporting that Kinberg just re-upped his three-year contract which will allow him to expand both the X-Men franchises and the Fantastic Four franchises into something even bigger "with the hope of creating for Fox something akin to the Marvel model of interlocking movies." We would argue that after Marvel, Fox is really the only other studio with any sort of established comic continuity; we're still pretty invested in the X-Men, and yeah, that includes the less lovable mutant movie The Last Stand, so it'll be to have the rebooted Fantastic Four franchise brought into it. And we're equally excited to see the producer and screenwriter for First Class is going to be overseeing these movies.


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