Fox Remaking Alien Nation, We Demand The Return Of Alien Mandy Patinkin

The 1988 Alien Nation film took place after a race of alien refugees found a second home on Earth. The show inspired a TV series, and for a long time we thought it would be remade into a show. But Fox has decided to reboot the film instead.


Alien Nation starts out as an interesting "this is the world we live in now" kind of flick, but really it was an alien/human buddy cop movie between James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (who played the alien cop). And now THR is reporting that two Iron Man screenwriters, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, have been hired to remake the script for today's audiences. No producers are currently working with them on the film.

This sounds cool and all, but if they don't bring back Mandy Patinkin and James Caan to reprise their roles in some way, I'm going to flip a chair.

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I like the concept of Alien Nation but given the structural similarities to Almost Human it seems an odd time to reboot it given the latter's recent failure.