Fox Puts Watchmen Scribe On "The Next Matrix" Movie

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It's about time someone got around to translating the immensely popular and action-packed Fourth Realm trilogy. But Fox has hired Watchmen's Alex Tse to do so, which makes us a little nervous.


The series, penned by John Twelve Hawks, starts with The Traveler and is followed by The Dark River and later the The Golden City. It's a fairly straight-forward good-guys-versus-bad-guys series. But many people have been calling a movie version of this series, "the next Matrix," and we can see some similarities. The bad guys are called The Brethren, which polices and watches the future citizens 24-7 with loads of state-of-the-art technology.

Meanwhile, the good guys are the Travelers, who can jump about between dimensions, and are often a bit naive or out of sorts. But more important, for the first book at least, are the protectors of the Travelers called Harlequins. These Harlequins are experts in covert ops and are trained, usually since birth, to take care of the Travelers and make them invisible to the all seeing eyes of The Brethren.


The first book introduces you to Maya, a bad-ass Harlequin who has to leave behind her training and go off the grid. Until she later realizes that there are only a few travelers still alive and has a last-stand kind of showdown. This character just screams Summer Glau to me, but then again... don't they all?

We're excited to see what Tse will keep, as there is plenty of world building — for example, take a listen to an excerpt from the first book read by David Carradine.

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Captain Tripps

I liked the Watchmen adaptation...why does it make you nervous?