This past week, we listed off some of the ridiculous arguments that people make to defend sexism in superhero comics, but it looks like we may have to add a few more to that list. This conversation between three Fox News hosts brings up some baffling points about female superheroes.

Tucker Carlson, Anna Kooiman, and Clayton Morris kick off their discussion about all that is wrong with comics by lamenting that Popeye appears in the test animation from his upcoming film sans his trademark anchor tattoo and pipe. But they quickly move on to the fact that, horror of horrors, a "chick" (Carlson's word) will be Thor in an upcoming title.

Now, there are some reasonable criticisms about a female character becoming Thor. Other people have carried Thor's hammer without being called "Thor;" this is most likely a temporary measure than a permanent promotion for a female character. But the problem this crew seems to have a problem with the "political correctness" of not giving this new Thor a feminized name like "Thorita" or "Thorella."


But the best part is when the Wonder Woman talk begins. Putting aside the factual issues (Tucker Carlson seems a bit confused as to what a halter top is, and they think that Wonder Woman is still wearing the Jim Lee-designed pants and jacket ensemble in the comics), Carlson equates calls to give female superheroes a little more clothing with certain cultural modesty standards. (And he uses the word "Islamic" as an insult in the process. Classy.)

No, Mr. Carlson, we don't want to see female superheroes desexualized because we're worried about "inciting" men. We'd just like to see female superheroes presented as something more than sex objects. Your cohost, Kooiman, seems to agree.

[via Bleeding Cool]