Fox Looks To The Unusual And Super-Science For Next Year

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Fox seems determined to make Fringe one of the more sensible, down-to-earth dramas on the channel, judging by the new shows they're announcing for next year. Murder procedurals about reincarnation and masters of disguise ahoy!


With rumors of a Dollhouse return still circling ahead of next week's announcements of the network's fall line-up - Sadly, much less chatter about Terminator getting a third season - Fox have already announced that they've picked up Past Life and Human Target as series.

Target, based on a DC comic, centers around Christopher Chance, a bodyguard who protects his clients by taking their place. For anyone who's ever wanted to see the super-science of shows like Bones and CSI applied to the world of make-up, this will be your chance (No pun, etc.); this plus side will be if the show follows the lead of the most recent comic take on the character, adding a messed-up layer of identity politics and confusion to the drama. If Terminator doesn't end up getting renewed, this could be the ideal partner for a second year of Dollhouse.

Past Life, on the other hand, sounds like an ideal pairing with Fringe, being a show about detectives using somewhat unusual methods - like talking to the dead, or investigating victims' former incarnations - in order to get their perp. While it may lack Fringe's wonderful use of parallel Earths, I'd be surprised if it doesn't allow for jerky camera shots and fast edits just as much.

Fox announce their complete fall line-up next Monday.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Oh joy, more procedurals. There aren't nearly enough of those on TV. Maybe they'll make them forensic procedurals. That would be new.

Why can't I have TSCC and Dollhouse?

I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles!