Fox Kills The Torchwood Revamp. Not Surprisingly.

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When we heard that Russell T. Davies was working on a U.S. version of Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood for Fox, we were as doubtful as everyone else that Davies' brand of queer subversiveness would fly here. And we were right.


According to a statement from BBC Worldwide:

BBC Worldwide Productions and the FOX Broadcasting Company have mutually agreed not to progress together with a 13-episode serialized 'Torchwood' format. We are currently in discussion with several interested networks.


The BBC's Jane Tranter insisted to the Hollywood Reporter that the U.S. Torchwood still isn't dead, and the show, which would reportedly still star John Barrowman as alien-fighter Captain Jack Harkness, is still making progress.

But you don't need to worry about the BBC trying to create a U.S. version of parent show Doctor Who. Says Tranter: "It may well be confusing to have a British Doctor and an American Doctor at the same time. There is only one Doctor, so I don't see that happening." [THR]

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Why does there need to be a US version? Just put the British version on prime time TV; believe it or not, we can actually enjoy shows that are not by or about Americans.

American versions of British shows always suck anyway (with the possible exception of The Office); why not just air the British original?