Fox Is Turning the Legend of King Arthur Into a Cop Show, as God Always Intended

Like this except much older and much more Manhattan-y, and also imagine a cop standing there too. Image: The Sword in the Stone (1963)
Like this except much older and much more Manhattan-y, and also imagine a cop standing there too. Image: The Sword in the Stone (1963)

Adaptations of King Arthur stories are evergreen, but it looks like the coming months will be a boom time for projects inspired by the legend. There’s Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, due in March; Transformers: The Last Knight, due in June; and a just-announced new Fox show titled Camelot, an adaptation set in modern New York City and which is utterly bananas.


Per the Hollywood Reporter:

When an ancient magic reawakens in modern-day Manhattan, a graffiti artist named Art must team with his best friend Lance and his ex, Gwen — an idealistic cop — in order to realize his destiny and fight back against the evil forces that threaten the city.


This reminds us a little bit of the Lucifer set-up—especially when you consider that’s also a Fox show, and surely one the network would love to replicate in terms of its success. Camelot will be produced in part by the Jackal Group, which is also shepherding Fox’s upcoming new version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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John Bigbooté

Okay, bear with me, but I have a few ideas to pitch:

We’re going to do a faithful adaptation of the Bible, but we’re going to modernize it. Set it in New York. There’s an idealistic new cop named Jesus, taking the hard beat in a tough town. His partner, Joan the Baptist, is a hard-edged cop who’s been on this beat for too long, and she’s seen some serious shit. And maybe she’s on the take, but Jesus knows he can set her straight. Meanwhile, the partners have to deal with pressure from their boss, Captain God, who’s threatening to slash the budget unless Jesus and Joan can get the Fallen Angels motorcycle gang off the streets.

Next idea, Anne of Green Gables. It’s the classic story of a young girl growing up in the Canadian maritimes. Except, she’s all grown up now, and she’s joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Deployed to Toronto, she has to navigate the dangerous streets of the big city. Maybe we’ll set it in New York, though.

Okay, we’re on a roll, here! How about the timeless tale of Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein builds a monster, made from the bodies of dead men and brings it to life with forbidden science, but, and here’s the twist: it’s set in modern day New York, and the brain that Frankenstein used is that of a murdered NYPD detective. The monster uses his criminal contacts to make a new identity, and he manages to get back into the police force to solve the murders of each person whose body parts comprise him!

All right. Let’s take a look at 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s the sci-fi masterpiece where Dave Bowman explores a mysterious black monolith near Jupiter. When he arrives, the alien entity inside of the monolith speaks to Dave and gives him a mission. He is sent back in time, to New York city, with advance knowledge of certain key crimes that have reshaped human history. He must work with NYPD detective Frank Poole, Sr., to prevent those crimes in order to ensure that humanity can all eventually become space fetuses!

You like that? I’ve got more! Check this out: The Wizard of Oz, but with a twist! Detective Dorothy and her elite team of police investigators, code-named Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion, must track down the clues to discover the identity of a new criminal mastermind called the Wicked Witch, with the help of a mysterious intelligence source known only as The Wizard. Will they be able to band together in time to prevent criminals from overrunning Emerald City, New York?