Fox Is Simultaneously Greenlighting And Ruining The Lucifer TV Series

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Hey, remember how WB and DC was woking on a TV series based on Lucifer, the Sandman spin-off comic about the king of hell quitting his job and hanging out on Earth? Well, Fox has officially ordered the series, so it's definitely coming! That's the good news. Here's the bad news...


Apparently, the show will feature Lucifer helping the LAPD solve crimes. It's a goddamn police procedural (no pun intended).

What the hell?! (Still no pun intended.) Was the idea of Satan running a piano bar and dealing with the assorted players of Judeo-Christian religion, while trying to bring free will to a world created by a God that is omniscient and thus has predestined everything, not enough? Was that a little boring for Fox? Yeah, better to just make LAW & ORDER: INFERNAL VICTIMS UNIT because really, what would Satan really be doing other than helping law enforcement if he wasn't ruling in hell?

Who the fuck is this for? It's not for any of the comics fans, because it's such a fundamental change that it essentially has nothing to do with the original series. The only thing it shares is its title character. And I have to wonder how many fans of regular old crime dramas are going to be willing to accept more Satan in their entertainment. Something tells me they not the idea of SATAN, CONSULTING POLICE DETECTIVE ISN'T GOING TO BE THE ENORMOUS RATINGS DRAW THEY MAY THINK.

Ugh. The pilot will be directed by Underworld's Len Wiseman and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, so at least we know the series has the real Satan's blessing.

[Via Variety]


Rob Bricken

Now, having Satan AND Jesus as cops, and making them partners? That's TV gold.