Fox is reopening The Martian Chronicles

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Ray Bradbury's 1950 cycle of short stories about humanity's troubled quest to colonize the red planet has caught the eye of I, Robot's producer — who just optioned the rights. Is Hollywood embarking on it's own space race?


In recent years, Hollywood's marching orders when it came to science fiction and movies were "keep it grounded." Keep the films recognizable, relatable, and — most importantly — on Earth. The era of star-spanning adventure on the big screen was, for the most part, behind us, with films like Pitch Black being the exception that proves the rule (and The Chronicles of Riddick reminding us why there was a rule in the first place).

And then Avatar came and reminded people — like Fox's John Davis who just optioned The Martian Chronicles and Legendary's adaptation of the hit Mass Effect videogame — that there's money to be made taking by audiences into the black.


(Via Los Angeles Times)

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