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Fox Finally Admits It Doesn't Want to Make a Fantastic Four Sequel

Illustration for article titled Fox Finally Admits It Doesnt Want to Make a iFantastic Four /iSequel

At least not anytime soon. The studio has rather quietly dropped the non-anticipated sequel from its production schedule, according to Box Office Mojo. The only question is why Fox ever announced it wanted to make a sequel in the first place.


I mean, this year’s Fantastic Four movie was 1) bad and 2) a box office bomb, failing to even gross half as much money as either of the two movies in Fox’s previous FF franchise. It seems impossible that a sequel would do anything but lose a massive amount of money, and major Hollywood studios aren’t supposed to want to do that.

Fox could always reschedule Fantastic Four 2 later. But hopefully the studio executives have finally come to their senses, and this is the last we hear about the Fantastic Four–until Fox tries reboot #2 in 2018 or so.


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Now if only Fox can cut a deal with Disney the way Sony did with Spider-Man...

We don’t need a new, MCU FF (yet anyway) but it would be great for Marvel to have access to some of the secondary characters currently tied up in the Fox FF rights.

Just imagine being able to bring out Galactus, Uatu, Silver Surfer (or any of the various other Heralds for that matter), or Kang with Infinity War coming down the line. It would definitely add a greater sense of grandeur and scale to everything.