Fox Brings Back Space Western... That Isn't Firefly

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Fox is making a science-fiction Western. The bad news is, it's not Firefly. But hey, at least it's original scifi programming. Chuck's executive producer Scott Rosenbaum is working on a "gunslinger stuck in another world" series.


According to the traders...

The show will revolve around "a gunslinger caught between worlds" and will feature a nod to "Planet of the Apes," said Rosenbaum, who is executive producing with Wonderland's McG and Peter Johnson.


Comics Editor Graeme points out that this plot sounds a lot like the Jonah Hex reboot in the 80s where our mangled gunslinger got rocketed to the future. Then again the trades call is Planet of the Apes-esque, so perhaps the new series is pulling from a number of influences. Still, I'm a bit bitter that Fox is working on a new science fiction Western that isn't a Firefly revival.

[The Hollywood Reporter Picture from Worth 1000]

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Now I reckon you folks are right-headed can see plainly as to how things is. Let's all take a deep breath an' say it together:

"Firefly never be comin' back.

Ain't a power in the 'Verse can do it.

I still have mah DVDs and that's gulp okay." sigh

I know, it's tough to face but all cathartic-like and healthsome, do mah? Yer still got some blubberin' to do, that's fine, here, blow...uh, I s'pose you can keep that 'kerchief now.

There, ain't that better? Shore it is. Let's all saddle up and mosey over to the TSCC Ranch and help those nice folks come to grips with their tragic yet predictable loss.