Fox is making a science-fiction Western. The bad news is, it's not Firefly. But hey, at least it's original scifi programming. Chuck's executive producer Scott Rosenbaum is working on a "gunslinger stuck in another world" series.

According to the traders...

The show will revolve around "a gunslinger caught between worlds" and will feature a nod to "Planet of the Apes," said Rosenbaum, who is executive producing with Wonderland's McG and Peter Johnson.


Comics Editor Graeme points out that this plot sounds a lot like the Jonah Hex reboot in the 80s where our mangled gunslinger got rocketed to the future. Then again the trades call is Planet of the Apes-esque, so perhaps the new series is pulling from a number of influences. Still, I'm a bit bitter that Fox is working on a new science fiction Western that isn't a Firefly revival.

[The Hollywood Reporter Picture from Worth 1000]

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