Four Idiots Dismantle an Alien Super Suit in This Exclusive Clip From Lazer Team

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Lazer Team, a crowd-sourced sci-fi comedy from the team behind the web series Red vs. Blue, is almost here. It opens January 29 and will hit YouTube Red after that. But we’ve got one of the most telling clips from the film for you to enjoy now.


In Lazer Team, four idiots (Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn) team up to save the world. They stumble upon an alien-created super suit that gives its owner unstoppable powers, but these guys break it up, each taking one of the four components. So instead of one super soldier suiting up to take them on, humanity has to count on these four guys, when the invasion finally comes. Check out the clip.

I saw Lazer Team at its Fantastic Fest world premiere earlier last year and described it as Ghostbusters meets Super Troopers—with a sci-fi twist. Four guys, of questionable mental acuity, team up to save the world with tech they don’t quite understand. It’s very entertaining and watchable, even if many of the jokes fall flat. You almost can’t believe this is a low budget film, because it has such a big budget scope and look. All credit for that goes to director Matt Hullum and the Rooster Teeth team, who’ve been pumping out quality online content for a long time.


If you want to see Lazer Team, there are special screenings on January 27 before opening on a limited basis on January 29. Again, it’ll then hit YouTube Red in February. For all the theaters and info, visit this link.

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Red vs Blue is not funny and neither is this. I hate to be that person but its the truth.