Four Classic DC Heroes Are Coming to Legends of Tomorrow, and One of Them Is Lunacy

Even with a mere two episodes aired, Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t exactly been shy about bringing heroes and villains from the DC universe to TV, and there are many more on the way. We’ve just learned of four more heroes who will make their live-action debut on the show, and one of them is completely ridiculous.

Four teases were revealed on DC’s Instagram account. They were each seemingly photos of singular items, although a bit of tinkering with image filters revealed the comic characters hiding in the background.


The first Golden Age hero seemingly set to encounter the Legends, if not join them in their battle to save the future, is Hourman. That’s all well and good, especially since Hourman was relegated to appearing in a Justice Society team picture in Smallville.

Then there’s Sandman, another Golden Age hero who bears no resemblance to Dream, star of Neil Gaiman’s much-beloved Sandman comic from the ’90s. This Sandman has a gun that shoots a gas that puts people to sleep and is not the immortal personification of dreams. But before you go thinking the Legends are just heading to the 1930s for a visit...


World War II hero Sgt. Rock (who was actually created in the Silver Age of comics) will also be appearing on the show. Now I suspect that the Legends will not be making separate trips to both the ’30s and the ’40s (although it’s certainly not impossible). I’m guessing all these heroes join together during WWII to fight Vandal Savage, since the show has already posited he was a high Nazi mucketedly-muck.

Or this is what I would have thought, had the last hero reveal not turned everything insane. Behold:


This is Ma Hunkle, who was the first Red Tornado in the ’30s. The second Red Tornado is the much better known version, having spent the last 48 years as a heroic cyborg; Ma Hunkel is not a cyborg, does not have superpowers, and isn’t even that red. She does, however, wear a pot on her head when she goes to fight crime.

The first Red Tornado was actually one of the first parody superheroes, and I can’t even imagine how Legends of Tomorrow will work her in. Is she working with Hourman and Sandman? Are they all in a special military unit led by Sgt. Rock? Is she actually going to help take on Vandal Savage? Does this mean that Legends of Tomorrow might be the TV series to finally bring the terrifying supervillain/racist caricature Egg Fu to live-action??


Perchance to dream, my friends.

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