Four Butt-Kicking Girls Who Should Be Generals in the War Against the Machines

Click to view Rumor has it that Bryce Dallas Howard is in "talks" to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in the role of Christian Bale's wife in McG's Terminator 4. While I applaud the studio's decision not to cast the same generic "we can punch and kick" ladies of movies past (Jessica Biel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Garner) I wonder whether Bryce will be able to deliver the the strong independent lady goods? I only know her as scared blind girl, scared nymph in the shower, and a scared blonde in Spider-Man 3. Just in case she's not down for the ass-kickery required, we've collected a list of other women who could conquer this role and become a General in the war against the Machines — but just haven't been given their ass-kicking props yet.


Who: Thandie Newton

Why She Would Kick Robot Ass: Besides the fact her beauty could stop any robot in its tracks, she pulls off crazy strong in a great way. Newton sold her nutso power hungry Necromonger character in Chronicles of Riddick, so I'd like to see her pushed to her limit trying to save mankind. I can see her orchestrating suicide missions in a heartbeat.

Who: Gabrielle Anwar

Why She Would Kick Robot Ass: You may remember her as the hot lady that beat the heck out of everyone in Burn Notice. She's strong, she's no-nonsense and a great actress. A fresh face could easily sell this role. If you go with too big of a name you could suffer from Ted Danson Saving Private Ryan effect, where a star is too big for the role and it removes the viewer from the movie.


Who: Katee Sackhoff

Why She Would Kick Robot Ass: We already know she hates robots, so that's a plus. She's got the post-apocalyptic bare-knuckle warfare thing down pat, and she can also show a lighter side when the occasion demands it. Though Sackhoff probably wouldn't take the role, since she's hinted her next big project will be a softer story, in an attempt to lighten her image.


Who: Ali Larter

Why She Would Kick Robot Ass: She's definitely got the physique and the scifi background work to live in a world of killer androids. Plus she knows what it takes to be a leader (Resident Evil) and a Hero.

While I was compiling this list, it became obvious that there's been a substantial lack of female heroine roles in the movies these days. It would seem as if Warner's alleged decision to stop making female-led action flicks is spreading. No offense Warners, but you can't blame the gals for this decision. The Brave One and Invasion were bad movies, period. It wouldn't of mattered if the cast was made up of Charlton Heston and Katharine Hepburn, they still would have been stinkers.



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