Four brutal Game of Thrones deleted scenes show no mercy

The second season of Game of Thrones Blu-Ray and DVD collection has a bunch of hidden "dragon eggs" that when found, reveal a collection of never-before-seen deleted scenes from the series. And we can't believe these moments were cut. Watch how the Mother of Dragon's closest friends turned on her, and a dynamite moment between Lord Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys!

[via Buzzfeed]


I like them all except for the Irri/Doreah scene. Way out of character, I can see why it was cut.

I'm also kind of surprised at how little I liked the Sansa/Sandor scene. He just seemed to be cruel for the fun of it. The pain beneath doesn't really shine through the way it does on the page. Non book readers would have a hard time believing it if Sansa had pity for him after that.

Very sad they cut the Loras/Margaery scene. Loras could use some characterization.