Found: 17 never-before-seen minutes of "2001: A Space Odyssey"

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Back in September we showed you the trailer for Douglas Trumbull's insanely detailed 2001: A Space Odyssey documentary. Though the documentary is sadly in funding limbo, the filmmaker says he's seen 17 lost minutes from the original film!


According to Blastr, at a Toronto screening of 2001, Trumbull let it slip that Warner Brothers recently unearthed 17 minutes of never-before-seen, edited footage from the Stanley Kubrick original that's perfectly preserved! Trumbull admitted that he didn't know what Warner Bros. was going to do with this footage, but he suspected that there would most likely be a very special DVD on the market in the near future.

Thankfully Trumbull's documentary will also have a collection of lost footage, images, and insider goodness as well. Here's the trailer. If he's able to get enough funding to complete it, you'll have a chance to see this documentary at festivals soon.



To anyone complaining about the length or content of 2001: You are not being funny, clever, or original. Refrain from commenting immediately and tune in to SyFy, where you can probably catch a showing of Mansquito 2: The Manquitoing, or possibly a marathon of Stargate or some similar program featuring one or more of the stars of that show.

You're welcome.