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It was a shame when Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was booted off the sequel, New Moon. It's an even bigger shame that her next project, a sexy Red Riding Hood picture, sounds so ridiculous. Even if it stars Amanda Seyfried.


Catherine Hardwicke will try and redirect teens' fascination with sex and supernatural beings onto a Little Red Riding Hood picture. With Amanda Seyfried in the lead, the story will put a modern twist on the classic fairy tale, retitling the project The Girl With The Red Riding Hood.

According to the L.A. Times Seyfried is at the top of the director's wish-list list to play Red, but let's all cross our fingers and hope she passes on it. We really like this actress, so we hope she doesn't get tangled up in the new trend that is teens lusting after monsters.


Orphan writer David Johnson has been working on the adaptation, which features werewolves and is being labeled as "elevated genre" material. Which we hope means there's more to the story than a monster/vampire who can't have sex.

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